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Posted on August 16 2021

We are currently hiring at Howl Mercantile for the following positions: Store Manager, Part-Time Sales, and Teen Intern.  We hold our values of being a safe and inclusive space in high priority at Howl Mercantile.  Any person that we hire should share our value of being antiracist and an advocate of BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and women's rights.  We believe in COVID and are pro-vaccine.  Being a safe space means that sometimes you have to speak up in defense of these values.

Store Manager

The store manager of Howl Mercantile has a great deal of ownership over the store operations, team leadership / development, product ordering, loss prevention and merchandising.  This person should possess strong leadership skills which means:

  • Inclusive communication and able to set clear objectives to foster an environment of accountability
  • Strong emotional intelligence to cater communication to diverse employee and customer perspectives
  • Display empathy to seek understanding
  • A great amount of self awareness and resilience to thrive in a constantly evolving environment.
The store manager should eventually know all aspects of store operations including beverage / coffee skills, point of sales operations, product awareness and inventory management.  You will work in training with the current store manager until she leaves for maternity leave in December and then train under Kimi, the store owner after that.  Post training, you will be accountable for store sales, employee engagement / performance, food / beverage ordering, supply management, and customer relations.  Kimi deeply believes in empowering the store manager to take ownership over this position and expects a close working relationship with strong, proactive communication.  Eventually you will learn the skills of e-commerce management, merchandising and product ordering.  This is a full time position requiring 40 hours per week and generally 4 to 5 days per week. Saturday is our highest volume day and we will require working most Saturdays but at least one weekend off per month is preferred.  Kimi strongly believes in work / life balance and to preserve your mental health, we believe that your day off is your day off.  Given strong planning and setting up your team for success, you should be in a great position to enjoy all of your days off and not worry about work!  Above all, being a store manager at Howl means modeling the way of a fun and positive working environment with no drama.  We support each other as a family and empower one another to be the best co-workers that we can be.  Strong leadership experience required, retail or coffee/beverage experience preferred but not necessary.  If you feel that you are a great person for the job, please email your resume to


Part-Time Sales

We are looking for someone to join our team part time.  Must be available to work weekends 10 - 20 hours per week.  The person we hire for this position will be trained to work the floor and barista and will likely have to work by themselves for periods of time.  You're likely the right fit if you are customer loving, fun loving, curious, able to support your team through flawless communication, a creative thinker, and over 18 years old.  Competitive hourly pay + tips.  

If you feel that you are a great person for the job, please email your resume to

Teen Intern

At Howl, we have been fortunate enough to mentor two young women who started when they were 14 and are now Seniors at Salida HS.  We're looking for the next young person who would want to commit to working at Howl and learning the ropes of retail and working in a coffee shop.  We're looking for someone who has a great attitude, attention to detail, isn't afraid to talk to customers, is curious about product knowledge, is on time and responsible and can keep up with a quick pace.  This position is great as a first job and you will take away skills that will help set you up for success in future work environments.  This is a paid position and will require at least one day per week (5 - 6 hour weekend shift) + holiday / summertime work.  We would love someone who can stick with us long term.  Must be at least 14 years old.

If you feel that you are a great person for the job, please email your resume to


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