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Jack's Daughters : Incense Cones


• 20 hand dipped incense cones
• Recyclable & reusable amber glass jar
• 30 minute burn time

Please Note: due to production issues, we have switched to a charcoal cone. The actual cones you receive will be black in color (not brown) and charcoal composition-not wood pulp. We have found charcoal to be more consistent when burning and a cleaner burn fragrance.

Santal Noir No. 1 Incense

• Scent notes: amber, sandalwood, vanilla & orchid

Basilic Vert No. 2 Incense

• Scent notes: fresh basil, clove, bay leaf, & jasmine

Cheroute No. 4 Incense

• Scent notes: tobacco leaf, fir needle, musk

Bittersweet No. 5 Incense

• Scent notes: petit grain, white cedar, bergamot

Kyara Rose No. 6 Incense

Scent notes: rose, geranium, oud

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