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Bandits "Come Together" Bandana


Adam Nienow is an illustrator, animator, and graphic designer based in Costa Mesa, CA. Drawing on the sun-drenched scenery of his breezy beachside town, Adam's work weaves in vintage elements to create a clean, nostalgic, So-Cal style. In addition to working full time for a non-profit and designing for several freelance customers clients, Adam also runs his own brand. Nienow brand features Adam's for-sale fonts and prints, as well as caps, patches, and even skate decks featuring his work. 

The Design: "Come Together"

With 362 of just over 1,000 official votes, Adam's design was the clear winner of our "Community Collection" design contest in June 2020. We asked artists to submit designs inspired by the concept of Community, and how it's changed throughout the events of 2020. From hundreds of submissions, "Come Together" was selected as a finalist and voted by our Instagram community as the contest winner.

In Adam's words, his design submission was "inspired by the idea of everyone for once seeing eye-to-eye, and growing into who we need to be as human beings." Despite our divisions, "Come Together" is a reminder that we do all share commonalities as humans. We all have similar basic human motivations, and if we leave the space to listen to each other we might find more common ground than we expect.   

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