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Blume : Blume Buds Power Patches for Acne


Acne—it happens. And it’s really good at making an appearance at the worst possible moment. If you’re super eager to calm down your acne super fast, then consider Blume Buds your skin’s new bestie. Like a cute bandaid with major benefits, these powerful little patches are made to suck up and draw out the moisture, fluid, and impurities within a blemish, leaving you with calmer, clearer skin. They also work to prevent redness, scabbing, and scarring caused by acne. Plus, if you’re prone to popping or picking, they’re a great way to put a stop to the impulse. Apply your Buds on freshly washed, dry skin and wear them for at least 4 hours on their own, under makeup, or while you sleep. And rest easy knowing that these gentle patches are hard at work rescuing your skin from stubborn acne the entire time. Afterall, what are best buds for?


24 pack

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