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The NTVS : MMIW Buffalo Project Tee


"We have partnered with the Buffalo Project to bring you this limited MMIWG tee.

BUFFALO Project was founded in 2018, and is a new way to combat Human Trafficking and violence against women. Our mission is to encourage healthy expressions of emotion in men, and create lasting tools to build meaningful relationships in the world around them.

Available in Unisex cut (true to size for men) We suggest women order a size down. See photo for measurements."

"Hey everyone, my name is Corinne Oestreich. Some of you may know me from the powwow circle because I also write for! I’m excited to join the NTVS team as their writer, because we have some super important things to talk about. NTVS is teaming up with a very important organization in the coming weeks, and we want to be sure you know all about who they are, and the cause they are fighting for.

For those who are unaware, Indian Country faces an epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Native women are 3.5 times more likely to be killed than White Women, 2/3 of us will experience violence in our lifetime, and 1/3 will be sexually assaulted. The current estimated number of missing indigenous women is in the 5,000 range, though there are no exact figures. On average, 300 indigenous women go missing from First Nations Canada alone each year.

In 2018 I was awarded a fellowship with the Changemaker Initiative, in partnership with Ashoka to develop a fix to social justice issues in our communities. I wanted to make a program that would attack Human Trafficking from the demand side to it’s business. I wanted to eliminate the consumers of these women..and if so, what could that look like? For me, it was a community of emotionally healthy men, who had the proper tools to work through their emotions and relationships with each other, so that they were never even drawn to trafficked women, or to committing violence against them. The idea was to empower these men and remind them that they too are sacred, and tasked as protectors, not predators.

Buffalo Project hosts 3 day workshops using indigenous values in our curriculum designed to tap into and restore imbalances in men. Our instructors are all men, and create safe spaces to work through tough emotions with the permission to begin their journey of growth."

About The NTVS:

Who are we? Two Native American guys trying to fill a hole in the market that is missing the voice of the people. Our mission is to teach the youth the importance of embracing culture and history while building a Native American clothing company. We do that by crafting Native apparel designs that you can be proud to wear. Modern Native American clothing and Native prints that have a deeper meaning. Maybe it's a light hearted or funny design. Maybe it's a serious issue that needs to be addressed. We use art and streetwear mixed with our culture to create one-of-a-kind designs that embrace our Native American culture and heritage.

Who the brand is for: The NTVS is for everyone who supports indigenous culture. We want you to buy authentic “Native made” designs opposed to knock-off indigenous art you find at big box stores and online.

The NTVS was created because of our passion in the clothing and apparel Industry. Most of our designs have a story behind the design.

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