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Bob Marley / Legend


Island 50th Anniversary Special Edition. There are few musicians whose music has indisputably advanced humanity. Reggae figurehead Bob Marley--a songwriter, poet, activist, and visionary--is one of them. The idea that a single-disc collection could represent the depth, breadth, and power of Marley's achievement is far-fetched, but LEGEND makes an excellent attempt. Every single one of its tracks is outstanding, and the artist's different faces--revolutionary ("Get Up Stand Up"), romantic ("Is This Love"), devout Rastafarian ("Buffalo Soldier"), and prophet ("One Love/People Get Ready") are equally represented.In addition to his moving message of love and unity, Marley is a master songwriter, as the timelessness of songs like "Stir It Up," "I Shot the Sheriff," and the gorgeous, poignant "Redemption Song" proves. Of course, a true sampling of Marley's output would require some early ska material, the Wailer's debut (CATCH A FIRE), the definitive NATTY DREAD, and his later-period opus EXODUS, but LEGEND provides a highly satisfying, if brief, overview of Marley's genius. A record well suited to any location, season, or time of day, it has proven universal in its appeal. The music herein is as essential as air. (Note: The Deluxe Edition CD includes two bonus tracks and an additional disc of remixes.)

Track Listings

1 "Is This Love" 3:52
2 "No Woman, No Cry" (live) 4:05
3 "Could You Be Loved" (7" edit) 3:33
4 "Three Little Birds" 2:56
5 "Buffalo Soldier" (remix) 5:24
6 "Get Up, Stand Up" 3:17
7 "Stir It Up" (edit) 3:38
8 "One Love / People Get Ready" 2:52
9 "I Shot the Sheriff" (edit) 3:46
10 "Waiting in Vain" (remix) 4:10
11 "Redemption Song" 3:48
12 "Satisfy My Soul" (7" edit) 3:45
13 "Exodus" (remix) 5:24
14 "Jamming" (remix) 3:17