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Nirvana / Bleach


Continuing our legacy of reminding people Nirvana had a record before Nevermind, Sub Pop Records presents a non-deluxe, affordably-priced, single-LP version of Bleach, Nirvana's debut album. Originally released by us in June of 1989, Bleach was widely recognized as a record music retailers should probably order after that one with the naked baby on the cover did so well in 1991. Now we proudly suggest you order this single-LP version of Bleach containing the full remastered album – as found on the Bleach Deluxe Edition 2LP, SP834 – and a pretty printed inner sleeve. We promise it will sell.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 Blew
2 Floyd The Barber
3 About A Girl
4 School
5 Love Buzz
6 Paper Cuts
7 Negative Creep
8 Scoff
9 Swap Meet
10 Mr. Moustache
11 Sifting

Disc: 2

1 Scoff
2 Swap Meet
3 Mr. Moustache
4 Sifting
5 Big Cheese
6 Downer

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