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Parquet Courts / Sympathy for Life


Parquet Courts’ thought-provoking rock is dancing to a new tune. Sympathy For Life finds the Brooklyn band at both their most instinctive and electronic, spinning their bewitching, psychedelic storytelling into fresh territory, yet maintaining their unique identity. Built largely from improvised jams, inspired by New York clubs, Primal Scream and Pink Floyd and produced in league with Ro- daidh McDonald (The xx, Hot Chip, David Byrne), Sympathy For Life was always destined to be dancey. Unlike its globally adored predecessor, 2018’s Wide Awake! the focus fell on grooves rather than rhythm. “Wide Awake! was a record you could put on at a party,” says co-frontman Austin Brown. “Sympathy For Life is influenced by the party itself. Historically, some amazing rock records have been made from mingling in dance music culture – from Talking Heads to Screamadelica. Our goal was to bring that into our own music.” 

Track Listings

1 Walking at a Downtown Pace
2 Black Widow Spider
3 Marathon of Anger
4 Just Shadows
5 Plant Life
6 Application/Apparatus
7 Homo Sapien
8 Sympathy for Life
9 Zoom Out
10 Trullo
11 Pulcinella

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