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Pearl Jam / Gigaton (2LP / 1 Etched Side Booklet)


Double vinyl release with one etched side. Gatefold cover with a 32-page booklet. Gigaton's cover features Canadian photographer, filmmaker, and marine biologist Paul Nicklen's photo ''Ice Waterfall.'' Taken in Svalbard, Norway, this image features the Nordaustlandet ice cap gushing high volumes of meltwater. There are different versions of the etching on side D. This one reads "In The Midst Of The 6th" and is a US version of the album. No tracklist is printed on the album sleeve; rather a clear sticker, listing the twelve songs, is printed on a clear sticker that is affixed to the front of the album sleeve.

A1. Who Ever Said 5:11
A2. Superblood Wolfmoon 3:49
A3. Dance Of The Clairvoyants 4:26
A4. Quick Escape 4:47
B1. Alright 3:44
B2. Seven O'Clock 6:14
B3. Never Destination 4:17
B4. Take The Long Way 3:42
C1. Buckle Up 3:37
C2. Comes Then Goes 6:02
C3. Retrograde 5:22
C4. River Cross 5:53

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