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Bandits "Destination: Nowhere" Bandana


Material: 100% Cotton.
Measurement: 22’’ x 22".

The Artist: Brad Gabbard (Lake Charles, LA, USA)

The Charity: Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (New York, NY)

Brad created "Destination: Nowhere" as a modern take on the "outlaw" mentality. Less criminal and more introspective rebel, Brad's biker is yearning to experience a sense of real freedom. The biker's quest takes him on a lonesome journey on the open road with no agenda, no destination, and no attachments.  

"In our modern society," Brad explained, "we seem to be losing more freedoms everyday." The biker is the embodiment of the feeling many of us have had (but few have acted on) to just "get away from it all." This 21st century "outlaw" shuns the trappings of society, choosing to live his own way of life, by his own rules. 

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