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Bandits "Justice" Bandana


The Artist: Ella Rose Whitaker (Austin, TX)

Ella Rose Whitaker is a multi-faceted independent makeup artist, designer, and freelance photographer based in Austin, Texas. Ella's many talents involve a great deal of personal interaction within her community. Through photoshoots, makeup work, or design commissions, Ella is able to make deep connections with her fellow Austin-ites one person at a time.

The pandemic may have altered the way these interactions take place, but given her experience it's no surprise that Ella was able to tap into the pulse of her community for her powerful bandana design. Receiving 235 of just over 1,000 official votes, Ella's "Justice" design was chosen as one of two winners in our "Community Collection" design contest in June of 2020.

We're excited to introduce the world to Ella and her work, and can't wait to see more from this incredibly talented Texan in the years to come!

The Design: "Justice"

Ella's contest-winning design pays tribute to the historic ways in which communities around the world came together in 2020 to demand and create much needed change in the way our society is currently structured. Like many of us, Ella was inspired and motivated by the ways in which people across our seemingly divided country banded together this year to protest inequality and injustice. In Ella's words, "My community has shown me that when enough people come together, unprecedented change for the good can occur."

Ella's layered illustration details a massive crowd in protest, much like the many that took place across the U.S. in the wake of George Floyd's murder. The circular focus of the design features breaking-of-chains imagery, impactful words, and the rising sun of a new day, all of which Ella hopes will inspire her community (and communities across the world) to continue gathering and fighting for change.   

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