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Luminous Dreams


This beautifully illustrated, soothing guide invites readers to explore the world of dreams through a collection of bedtime rituals, dream symbols, and intuitive practices.

Unlock the powerful wisdom of dreams. This enchanting book teaches readers to listen to the wisdom of their unconscious mind and tap into their innermost desires through the art of intuitive dream interpretation. The book provides a range of rituals—energy practices, crystal work, affirmations, and more—to prepare the dreamer for slumber, promote peaceful sleep, and enhance dream recall. An A to Z guide decodes 40 common dream symbols and scenarios. Packed with beautiful, ethereal artwork and essential wisdom on the history, traditions, and techniques of dream interpretation, LUMINOUS DREAMS is an essential bedside companion for modern mystics, meditation enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to discover the hidden power of dreams.

PERENNIAL CATEGORY: Sleep and dreaming are evergreen topics: People will always be looking for ways to improve their sleep and better understand the fascinating world of dreams. LUMINOUS DREAMS speaks to that perennial interest with a fresh approach that incorporates on-trend mind/body/spirit practices like crystals, herbs, essential oils, and affirmations.

ON-TREND: LUMINOUS DREAMS taps into the current interest in mind/body/spirit and wellness. A beautiful new offering, this handbook is perfect for self-care enthusiasts, modern mystics, and the spiritually curious.

AUTHORITATIVE AUTHOR: Katie Huang is the founder of Love By Luna, a leading astrological lifestyle brand; co-owner of MoonBox, a subscription box service aligned with the lunar cycle; and the author of CRYSTAL ZODIAC, a guide to using crystals in tandem with astrology. Katie's knowledge and background in this mysticism and dreams, as well as her intuitive approach to the topics, ensure LUMINOUS DREAMS is rich with thoughtful and thought-provoking content.

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