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Slant 6 / Soda Pop Rip-Off


Formed in 1992, SLANT 6 was CHRISTINA BILLOTTE, MYRAY POWER, and MARGE MARSHALL. Prior to forming Slant 6, Billotte had played bass in AUTOCLAVE, who released a 7" single as a collaboration between Dischord and K Records and a post-humous 10" on Billotte's label, Mira Records (both were later compiled onto a single CD by Dischord). When that band split up in 1991 the other members Mary Timony, Nikki Chapman, and Melissa Berkoff moved out of town and Christina went to finding a new set of collaborators in DC. While living at The Embassy the Mount Pleasant group house that was also home to members of Nation of Ulysses she met Myra Power, who had just moved to the area from Appalachia, and asked her to play bass while she moved over to guitar. The pair wrote a number of songs and performed their first show in the summer of 1992 on a dare from NOU bass player Steve Gamboa, who had agreed to sit in on drums. Power and Billotte would play with a few more drummers including Rachel Carnes, of the New York City Band Kicking Giant, and James Canty before recruiting Marge Marshall to take the gig on a permanent basis. Marshall, who was Billotte and Power s co-worker at the restaurant Food For Thought, was a piano player, but had little experience playing drums. After only a few months of practice and playing shows, Slant 6 recorded a 3-song single, What Kind of Monster Are You, for Dischord Records. All three ended up moving into the Embassy, where they collaborated with the Nation of Ulysses members on a number of recording projects as well as fashion shows and a series of performance house parties called Famous Monsters. In the fall of 1993, Slant 6 went to Inner Ear studios with DON ZIENTARA and IAN MACKAYE to record what would become their debut full-length, Soda Pop Rip Off. The trio toured extensively and would release one more album, Inzombia, before splitting up while on tour in Europe in 1995. Billotte would go on to perform in QUIX*O*TiC and CASUAL DOTS.

Track Listings

1 Don't You Ever?
2 Nights X 9
3 Love Shock
4 Double Edged Knife
5 Time Expired
6 Invisible Footsteps
7 Poison Arrows Shot at Heroes
8 Don't Censor Me
9 Blood Song
10 Soda Pop-Rip Off
11 Become Your Ghost
12 Blue Angel
13 March 6*
14 What Kind of Monster Are You?
15 Semi-Blue Tile
16 Thirty-Thirty Vision

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