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The Make Up / Destination Love - Live! At Cold Rice


Destination, Make-Up's first full-length album, was originally released in 1995. The 12" LP edition was first remastered and reissued in 2009, but didn’t stay in print for long. The album was again reissued in June 2012.


A1 Intro - Hold It
A2 Here Comes The Judge
A3 You + I Vs. The World
A4 They Live By Night
A5 Bring The Birds Down
A6 Don't Mind The Mind
A7 Evidence Is Everywhere
A8 We Can't Be Contained
B1 Introductions
B2 Don't Step On The Children
B3 How Pretty Can U Get
B4 R U A Believer Pt. II
B5 International Airport
B6 We Gotta Get Offa This Rock
B7 So...Chocolatey / Destination: Love
B8 Outro - Hold It

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