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Jack's Daughters Candles



• Clean burning vegetable wax 
• 60 hour burn time

Santal Noir No. 1 Candle

Scent notes: amber, sandalwood, vanilla & orchid - A warm and evocative scent murmurs as dusk falls on a wooded path. Its smokey and seductive fragrance is alluring to all.  

Basilic Vert No. 2 Candle

Scent notes: fresh basil, clove, bay leaf, & jasmine - Herbaceous and verdant in its bouquet, while peppery clove tickles the nose. Reminiscent of an Italian garden bursting with herbs… la dolce vita.

Elysian Fields No. 3 Candle

Scent notes: orange blossom, jasmine vine, neroli - A late afternoon stroll through a Mediterranean orange grove. Warm sun on your face. Close your eyes and inhale deeply.   

Cheroute No. 4 Candle

Scent notes: tobacco leaf, fir needle, musk - Dried tobacco leaves fill the air with their distinctly warm and sweet scent. Pipe smoke and earthy musk ground the fragrance for a sultry experience.  


Allow the wax to melt all the way to the sides of the glass jar to allow an even burn and prevent the wax from tunneling. Place on a heat safe surface while lit and keep within sight, do not leave unattended. Use caution when handling, as glass will become hot when lit. Trim wick after each burn.

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