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Puffin : Beverage Puffy Vest (Blue / Gold)


  • KEEPS DRINKS COLD: Lovers of cold beverages, rejoice! Two layers of thermal insulation in this can cooler ensure your last sip’s as cold as the first.
  • FITS 12 OZ CANS & BOTTLES: Beer, soda, or bubbly water—no matter what you’re drinking, Puffin’s got your bevvies covered.
  • THE COOLEST GIFT: Show your loved ones you care about their beverages. If you know someone who likes a cold drink, Puffin drinkwear is the perfect choice.
  • MAKE A STATEMENT: Show the world how outdoorsy you are with this quintessential drinkwear item.
  • INSPIRES FUN: People love dressing up their beverages in cute outfits. Bonus points if you match.

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