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Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck


Ellie Girl's Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck is that companion.

This powerful, one-of-a-kind healing tool was created to offer comforting wisdom and tangible coping strategies to guide people through their grief after the loss of a pet.

This thoughtfully curated, beautifully illustrated 52-card deck offers:

  • Specific ways to support yourself, grounded in positive psychology, mindfulness, and other evidence-based tools for coping with grief.
  • Meaningful ways to honor your pet's memory and the love you shared.
  • Simple ideas for easing the burden of your grief and finding greater peace.
  • Accessible, comforting wisdom teachings that will guide you through your grief.

Each of the 52 cards has specific ways to guide users from feeling heartbroken to peaceful as their hearts begin to heal. A wide range of exercises and healing tools are offered to draw upon for support as individuals navigate the different stages of grieving. Each card is paired with custom artwork by Amy Frank to complement its message.

Authored and created by Mindy Meiering, a licensed therapist and pet loss & grief specialist who has walked the path of grief herself. After the devastating loss of her first dog, Ellie, in 2019, Mindy drew upon her personal grief journey and professional experience to create what she wished she’d had after Ellie died - a supportive, easily accessible resource to comfort, support and guide her as she navigated that painful time.