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Brick and Mortar is currently closed, now offering Free Shipping and Free Salida Delivery, use code SOCIALDISTANCING at checkout

Pint of Ice Cream *Local Delivery Only*


Make a note for "Local Delivery" in the comments at checkout. Please include your address and phone number.  And use SOCIALDISTANCING code to take off the shipping.

We are delivering from Oak Street, to the southend of highway 50, to Holman Ave, to Mesa Lane, to E Sackett Ave.

If you live outside of this delivery range, please see if you can get your goodies dropped off at a friend's doorstep who lives in this area of town.

We will be delivering Monday-Friday, at noon each day and at 4pm. Depending on where you live on the map, you will get your package dropped off around these times. You will receive a text when the package has been dropped off at your front door. 

We will be taking every precaution to ensure we are dropping these pints off with care and safety. 

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